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Magnetic Lifter 300kg
  • Magnetic Lifter 300kgMagnetic Lifter 300kg
  • Magnetic Lifter 300kgMagnetic Lifter 300kg
  • Magnetic Lifter 300kgMagnetic Lifter 300kg
  • Magnetic Lifter 300kgMagnetic Lifter 300kg
  • Magnetic Lifter 300kgMagnetic Lifter 300kg

Magnetic Lifter 300kg

Magnetic lifter 300kg, also known as magnetic hoist, is mainly used for hoisting operation process, used to move iron plate, block and cylindrical pieces of magnetic material. Magnetic lifter 300kg is easy to operate, safe and reliable, compact and lightweight; widely used in factories, docks, warehouses, and transportation industries.Magnetic lifter 300kg is a convenient and fast magnetic spreader for loading and unloading. It is an indispensable accessory for all kinds of surface grinders.

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Product Description

1、Introduction of the Magnetic lifter 300kg

The permanent magnet Magnetic lifter 300kg is composed of high-performance permanent magnetic materials to form a strong magnetic system. Through the rotation of the handle, the magnetic force of the strong magnetic system is changed to hold and release the workpiece. The upper part has a lifting ring for lifting objects, and the lower part has a V-shaped groove for sucking and holding corresponding cylindrical objects. The Magnetic lifter 300kg is small in size, large in suction, easy to operate, low in price, no maintenance, energy saving, and long service life. It is equipped with a unique switch handle and a safety button. The operation handle can be pulled by hand to suck or discharge the material. The V-groove design at the bottom of the suction surface can lift the corresponding round steel and steel plate. It is a convenient and fast magnetic spreader for loading and unloading. It is an indispensable accessory for all kinds of surface grinders. Magnetic lifter 300kg is widely used in the connection of block and original cylindrical magnetic steel material workpieces in the handling and hoisting process of steel, machining, molds, warehouses, etc.

2、Product specification of Magnetic lifter 300kg


Rated load

Maximum pull-out force

Net weight

































3、Magnetic lifter 300kg feature and application

Strong permanent magnet magnetic cranes are mainly used in shipyards, riveting and welding plants, steel structure parts factories, warehouses, workshops, freight yards, etc., in supporting plate-shaped ferromagnetic materials or workpieces, and can be used as a single unit. It can also assemble and transport large and long pieces of ferromagnetic materials. Magnetic cranes can replace electromagnets to lift steel plates in cargo yards, steel plate pretreatment production lines, steel plate cutting lines and other occasions. The magnetic crane has the characteristics of light structure, convenient operation, strong holding force, no power consumption, safety and reliability, etc., which helps to improve the working conditions of loading and unloading operations and increase its labor productivity. As a new type of high-efficiency, safe and energy-saving lifting tool, it has been widely used in shipbuilding, engineering machinery, mold manufacturing and other industries.

4、Product details of Magnetic lifter 300kg

The magnetic lifter 300kg using high-quality magnetic blocks, the adsorption capacity is stronger. The number of magnetic blocks of different specifications is also different.

Magnetic Lifter 300kg

The bracelet of magnetic lifter 300kg is galvanized or chrome-plated. It is a strong and durable material, which greatly improves the safety and stability of the suction cup. The surface is smooth and rust-proof and durable.

Magnetic Lifter 300kg

The handle of the magnetic lifter 300kg has two kinds of rubber-coated non-slip handle and non-coated handle, and there are safety bolts to fix the handle to improve safety. The handle can be flexibly rotated, which can improve work efficiency.

Magnetic Lifter 300kgMagnetic Lifter 300kg

The U-shaped structure of magnetic lifter 300kg at the bottom can be customized to a V-shaped structure. This structure makes the contact area larger when adsorbing the steel pipe, making it less prone to accidents and improving the safety factor.

Magnetic Lifter 300kg

5、Product qualification

Our magnetic lifter 300kg integrity management, to ensure that all products are described truthfully and made of real materials. Our magnetic lifter 300kg are directly supplied by the factory, manufactured by the original factory, and the quality is guaranteed. We support lifetime maintenance, so you have no worries after sales.

6、Delivery shipping and serving

Genuine security

Lifetime technical support, 1 year warranty, 15 days no reason for replacement (three-year warranty for the host, no warranty for vulnerable parts such as chain hooks; no warranty service for quality problems after the shell is received; 15 days for unused products Days have no reason to return the goods, non-quality problems buyers bear the freight)

About delivery

Due to the weight of the product, it can only be sent to logistics, and sea and land transportation are acceptable. In order to ensure the integrity of the goods, please pay attention to check whether the packaging is intact and whether there are any traces of being removed when signing for the receipt.

About the service

We have a professional pre-sales and after-sales team to answer your questions online 24 hours a day, so that jet lag is no longer a problem.


1. Is your products customized?

Yes. Due to different working conditions, all electric hoist 1 Ton are customized, depending on specific requirements, so if you can provide more information, we can prepare accurate solutions for you.

2. What information should I provide in my inquiry?

The more information you provide, the more accurate solutions will be ready for you! Information such as lifting height, lifting capacity, span, power supply or other special equipment you provide will be very useful.

3. How many operations have I chosen?

The standard configuration we provide is a suspension controller with buttons, and we can also provide a remote control or cab with buttons.

4. My workshop space is limited. Can I use it?

For low headroom workshop, we have special electric hoist 1 Ton. Our engineers will design the details for you.

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