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Magnetic Lifter 300kg
  • Magnetic Lifter 300kgMagnetic Lifter 300kg
  • Magnetic Lifter 300kgMagnetic Lifter 300kg
  • Magnetic Lifter 300kgMagnetic Lifter 300kg
  • Magnetic Lifter 300kgMagnetic Lifter 300kg
  • Magnetic Lifter 300kgMagnetic Lifter 300kg

Magnetic Lifter 300kg

The Magnetic Lifter 300kg offers ease of operation, ensuring safety and reliability, while being compact and lightweight. It finds extensive usage across factories, docks, warehouses, and transportation industries. As for the Magnetic Lifter of 300kg capacity, it serves as a swift and convenient tool for loading and unloading operations. This magnetic spreader is an essential accessory utilized with various surface grinders.

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Product Description

The Magnetic Lifter 300kg capacity is crafted using high-performance permanent magnetic materials, creating a robust magnetic system. By rotating the handle, this system can effectively hold or release workpieces. Featuring a lifting ring at the top and a V-shaped groove at the bottom, it can lift both objects and corresponding cylindrical items.

This lifter embodies a compact size, remarkable suction power, user-friendly operation, cost-effectiveness, zero maintenance needs, energy efficiency, and extended lifespan. It includes a unique switch handle and a safety button for added convenience and safety. The operation handle enables material suction or discharge through manual pulling.

The V-groove design on the suction surface accommodates round steel and steel plates, making it a swift and convenient magnetic spreader for loading and unloading tasks. It's a crucial accessory for various surface grinders and is widely employed in connecting block and original cylindrical magnetic steel material workpieces during handling and hoisting operations in steel, machining, molds, warehouses, and related industries.

Product specification


Rated load

Maximum pull-out force

Net weight

































Feature and application

The robust permanent magnet magnetic cranes find primary application across shipyards, riveting and welding plants, steel structure factories, warehouses, workshops, and freight yards. They are specifically designed to support plate-shaped ferromagnetic materials or workpieces, handling large and lengthy ferromagnetic materials efficiently.

These cranes serve as a singular unit or can be employed for assembling and transporting sizable ferromagnetic materials. They offer a viable alternative to electromagnets for lifting steel plates in cargo yards, steel plate pretreatment production lines, and steel plate cutting lines. Noteworthy characteristics include their lightweight structure, user-friendly operation, powerful holding force, absence of power consumption, and a focus on safety and reliability.

Their presence greatly enhances working conditions during loading and unloading operations, amplifying labor productivity. As an innovative, high-efficiency, safe, and energy-saving lifting tool, these cranes have found widespread adoption across industries such as shipbuilding, engineering machinery, and mold manufacturing.

Product details

The magnetic lifter 300kg using high-quality magnetic blocks, the adsorption capacity is stronger. The number of magnetic blocks of different specifications is also different.

Magnetic Lifter 300kg

The bracelet of magnetic lifter 300kg is galvanized or chrome-plated. It is a strong and durable material, which greatly improves the safety and stability of the suction cup. The surface is smooth and rust-proof and durable.

Magnetic Lifter 300kg

The handle of the magnetic lifter 300kg has two kinds of rubber-coated non-slip handle and non-coated handle, and there are safety bolts to fix the handle to improve safety. The handle can be flexibly rotated, which can improve work efficiency.

Magnetic Lifter 300kgMagnetic Lifter 300kg

The U-shaped structure of magnetic lifter 300kg at the bottom can be customized to a V-shaped structure. This structure makes the contact area larger when adsorbing the steel pipe, making it less prone to accidents and improving the safety factor.

Magnetic Lifter 300kg

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