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Semi-electric stackers offer a solution that eases the physical demands of working with stacker trucks. These stackers feature fully electric lifting capabilities, leaving only manual push/pull movement. This design is especially suitable for frequent operations where manual lifting might lead to strain or repetitive injuries.

Constructed from robust steel materials, the semi-electric stacker combines electric lifting functionality with ease of operation, eco-friendliness, and high efficiency. Widely utilized for overhead cargo handling, pallet movement, and stacking in various settings such as factories, warehouses, logistics centers, and other similar spaces, these stackers excel in unitized pallet stacking. They are especially effective in narrow passages, elevated warehouses, and confined workspaces, showcasing superior flexibility, tranquility, and environmental performance.

Blending the versatility of a forklift and a pallet stacker, the Semi Electric Stacker is perfect for loading/unloading trucks, managing loading docks, handling stockrooms, manufacturing floors, and warehousing applications.

Crafted from high-grade steel and durable components, these stackers endure various terrains, impacts, usage demands, and directional changes, offering reliability across diverse applications.

Key Features:Sturdy mast construction built for heavy-duty operations.Electric-powered lifting and lowering functions.Manual push for maneuvering and positioning.Adjustable straddle legs to accommodate varying pallet widths.Customizable forks to handle different pallet and skid sizes.Hard chrome-plated piston ensures long-lasting durability.Equipped with a robust lifting motor from a renowned brand.Integrated maintenance-free battery with an external charger.Operational Guidelines:

To lift the load, pull the operating lever backward, and to lower it, push the lever down. These stackers feature installed operating levers with automatic return springs for convenience. Use the steering handle to change direction after lifting goods. It's essential not to leave goods on the fork for extended periods and avoid standing on the sides of or near the fork for safety reasons. Additionally, avoid overloading or placing off-center loads.

Customized Hand Stacker Full Electric is tailored for loading/unloading, stacking, and short-distance transportation of pallet goods. It's a versatile industrial vehicle designed to operate in limited spaces, narrow passages, and handle various palletized goods efficiently and safely.

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Hand Stacker Full Electric

Hand Stacker Full Electric

The Hand Stacker Full Electric serves the purpose of loading, unloading, stacking, and short-distance transportation of palletized goods. Recognized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO/TC110) as an industrial vehicle, this equipment facilitates various handling tasks associated with palletized goods within industrial settings.

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Hand Stacker Electric

Hand Stacker Electric

Hand Stacker Electrichas simple structure, flexible control, good fretability, high explosion-proof safety performance, and is suitable for the operation in narrow channels and limited space.Electric manual stackers combine the advantages of a manual stacker and an electric lift, balancing efficiency, ease of use and reduced operator physical stress. However, as with any power equipment, proper training, maintenance and compliance with safety guidelines are critical to safe and efficient operation.

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