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Shandhai yiying Crane Machinery Company is the wholesaler of the Mechanicall jack, the Mechanical jack is the simplest lifting equipment with a small lifting height (less than 1m). the VMechanicalJacks are mainly used in factories, mines, transportation and other departments as vehicle repair and other lifting and supporting work. Its structure is light, firm, flexible and reliable, and can be carried and operated by one person. As a wide range of tools, the Mechanical jack is cast with the highest quality materials to ensure the quality and service life of the jack. The mechanical jack adopts the mechanical principle. When the handle is pulled back and forth, the pawl pulls out the ratchet gear to rotate in the gap. The small bevel gear drives the large bevel gear and rotates the lifting screw, so that the lifting sleeve can be raised or lowered to achieve the lifting force. Features. Safety operation specifications for mechanical jacks: Check whether all parts are in good condition and whether the oil is clean before use. It is strictly forbidden to use the safety bolt of the hydraulic jack when it is damaged, or the wear of the screw or rack type jack thread and rack reaches 20%. The mechanical jack should be set in a flat and solid place, and be leveled with a wooden pad. The mechanical jack must be perpendicular to the load surface, and a non-slip cushion should be added between the top of the jack and the contact surface of the heavy object. The mechanical jack is strictly prohibited from overloading, no longer handles, and no more than the specified number of people to operate. When the mechanical jack is in use, no one is allowed to stand in front of the safety bolt. During the lifting process, a safety cushion should be added under the heavy object as the weight rises, and the heavy object should be secured in time after reaching the lifting height. When two or more jacks are used to lift an object at the same time, the total lifting capacity of the jacks should not be less than twice the load. When lifting, a special person should be in charge to ensure that the lifting speed and force of each jack are basically the same. The chain hoist mechanism is more reasonable and small in size. The Japanese bearing design chain pulls more smoothly, avoids chain jams and other phenomena, and is close to market needs. It is a widely used and convenient manual hoisting machine that can be used in industrial, Machine installation, cargo lifting, vehicle loading and unloading in agricultural construction industry, mining industry, etc., especially suitable for open-air and non-powered operations. Permanent magnet lifter are suitable for lifting and handling steel plates at room temperature in shipbuilding, engineering machinery, automobile and other industries, and are widely used in factories, docks, warehouses, and transportation industries. China Mechanical Jack for Car is one of the types of manual lifting tools. It has a compact structure. It makes reasonable use of the swing of the rocker to rotate the pinion. A pair of conical gears rotate together to drive the screw to rotate and push the lifting sleeve to lift the weight. decline.Mechanical Jack for Car can be used for railway vehicle maintenance, mine and construction engineering support, and general lifting and lowering of heavy objects.
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