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1. Manual stacker 1ton door frame adopts heavy "C" steel column steel, cold bending forming.
The door frame is stronger, safer, flexible, easy to operate and labor-saving.
2. The cylinder of manual stacker 1ton adopts high precision grinding tube, imported oil seal and integrated valve core, which is easy to dismount and maintain;
The pressure relief mode adopts foot type, the lifting speed is stable, the safety is greatly improved.
3. manual stacker 1ton adopts advanced plastic spraying technology to improve product appearance and increase the durability of manual stacker 1ton.
4. manual stacker 1ton is a kind of pollution-free manual stacker 1ton, with flexible transportation, flexible operation, small turning radius and other characteristics.
5.manual stacker 1ton is suitable for production factories, production workshops, warehouses, stations, docks, airports and other places, especially suitable for fire prevention, explosion-proof requirements of the site, such as printing workshops, various oil depots, chemical warehouses and other places.
6. manual stacker 1ton with pallet boxes, containers, etc. can realize ununit transportation, not only reduce the collision, scratch and other situations, but also reduce the workload and stacking area, greatly improve work efficiency.
Wire rope electric hoist is a light and small lifting equipment. It can be installed on a variety of cranes such as single beam, bridge, gantry, and cantilever cranes. The lifting speed of the electric hoist is normal, which can meet the requirements of general occasions. It is a commonly used lifting equipment in factories, mines, ports, warehouses, and freight yards. The chain hoist mechanism is more reasonable and small in size. The Japanese bearing design chain pulls more smoothly, avoids chain jams and other phenomena, and is close to market needs. It is a widely used and convenient manual hoisting machine that can be used in industrial, Machine installation, cargo lifting, vehicle loading and unloading in agricultural construction industry, mining industry, etc., especially suitable for open-air and non-powered operations. Permanent magnet lifter are suitable for lifting and handling steel plates at room temperature in shipbuilding, engineering machinery, automobile and other industries, and are widely used in factories, docks, warehouses, and transportation industries. Wholesale Manual Pallet Stacker use manual hydraulic jacks (is hydraulic devices) as power to lift heavy objects, and manually push and pull heavy objects. The hydraulic device is equipped with an oil return valve, which controls the lowering speed of the fork through the handle, and makes the hydraulic system operate correctly, safe and reliable. The door frame is welded with high-quality section steel, with good rigidity and high strength. The rear wheel uses a universal wheel with a brake device, which can rotate freely and is light and flexible. The front and rear wheels are mounted on the axle with ball bearings for flexible rotation.
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