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The Chain block is also called inverted chains. They are suitable for the production and construction of factories, miners, agriculture, electricity, buildings, cargo lifting, vehicle loading and unloading, etc. It is especially suitable for outdoor and non-powered operations, as well as other important functions. Our company's latest new generation products with advanced design, reliable quality and excellent performance.

Our company is Shanghai Yiying crane machinery company. We have been in this industry for 30 years. With more product experience, you can trust our quality. We also have advanced technology. The cost of our product has been decreased.Therefore our price is very competetive.We have CE certification from TUV.Our chain block always export to many countries, such as the India,America,the U.K.and so on.

The chain block is a commonly used lifting tool. The chain block produced by open source hoisting ranges from 0.25T-50 tons. The chain can be lengthened and ordered to be up to 30 meters long, because it does not require electricity and the price is higher than that of electric hoists. It is much cheaper, so it is loved by many customers. The large-tonnage chain hoist can lift large objects, saving time and effort. Where electric hoists cannot be used, chain hoists have fully demonstrated their advantages, so they are widely used in various places

China Chain Block 5 Ton is also called fairy gourd, jinbuluo, hand chain hoist.Chain Block 5 Ton is a kind of manual hoisting machine that is simple to use and easy to carry, also called "chain hoist" or "reverse chain". Chain Block 5 Ton is suitable for short-distance lifting of small equipment and goods, and the lifting capacity is generally no more than 10t.Chain Block 5 Ton has the characteristics of compact structure and small hand pull force.
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As a professional China Chain Block manufacturers and suppliers, we provide customers with comprehensive project management services. Our products can be customized. Besides, our products also support wholesale. Reasonable price, On time delivery always is our tenet. You can rest assured to buy high quality Chain Block from our factory. For more info, please contact us.