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Magnetic Lifter 500kg
  • Magnetic Lifter 500kgMagnetic Lifter 500kg
  • Magnetic Lifter 500kgMagnetic Lifter 500kg
  • Magnetic Lifter 500kgMagnetic Lifter 500kg
  • Magnetic Lifter 500kgMagnetic Lifter 500kg
  • Magnetic Lifter 500kgMagnetic Lifter 500kg

Magnetic Lifter 500kg

Magnetic Lifter 500kg, also known as magnetic chuck, is a magnetic fixture widely used in machinery factories, mold factories and other machining fields, which can greatly improve the clamping efficiency of magnetic steel materials.Magnetic Lifter 500kg is based on high-performance rare earth material Ndfeb (N>40) as the core, by hand pulling the handle of the chuck rotation, so as to change the magnetic system of ndFEB inside the chuck, to be processed to hold or release the workpiece.

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Product Description

1. Introduction of the Magnetic Lifter 500kg

1) Magnetic Lifter 500kg adopts high-performance permanent magnet material Ndfeb (ND-FE-B) as the core of the product, making the product smaller in size, stronger in lifting force, and lasting magnetic force.

2) Magnetic Lifter 500kg can be used without electricity, saving power supply trouble.

3) Optimized magnetic circuit design of Magnetic Lifter 500kg makes remanence almost zero.

4) Magnetic Lifter 500kg professionally designed appearance makes the product more beautiful.

2.Product Specification of the Magnetic Lifter 500kg






Load Capcity















Table Dimension





Number of Foot Pedal Strokes to Reach Max.Height





Selt Weight





3.Magnetic Lifter 500kg Feature And Application


1. Place the workpiece on the suction table and insert the spanner into the shaft hole to hold the workpiece ready for processing.

2. In order to prevent any possible accidental rotation of the spanner in the magnetizing state, the spanner should be removed before processing.

3. After the workpiece is processed, insert the spanner into the shaft hole and turn counterclockwise for 180 to "OFF" to complete demagnetization and remove the workpiece safely.


1. Clean the surface of the suction cup before use to avoid scratches affecting the accuracy.

2, the use of ambient temperature in -40C- 50C, is strictly prohibited to knock, in case of magnetic force reduction.

3, after using the working face coated with anti-rust oil, to prevent corrosion.

4.Product Details of the Magnetic Lifter 500kg

The Magnetic Lifter 500kg is designed by using the continuity principle of magnetic flux and superposition principle of magnetic field. The magnetic circuit of the Magnetic Lifter 500kg is designed into multiple magnetic systems. Through the relative movement of magnetic systems, the magnetic field intensity on the working magnetic poles can be added or eliminated, so as to achieve the purpose of holding and unloading.

Magnetic Lifter 500kg

5. Product Qualification

Shanghai Yiying Crane Machinery Company is the hoist manufacturer Institute certified. This means we are one of the industry’s leading suppliers of hoist equipment. We are reliable and deliver exceptional value.

Shanghai Yiying Crane machinery Co., Ltd. supply 100-5000kg Magnetic Lifter 500kg. it is the most popular in Asia ,America and Canada ,It is beautiful ,strong and durable.we promise the Magnetic Lifter 500kg warranty is 2 years. we really welcome the treaders around the world join in us .

6. Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Pre-sale Services : we have professional sales team as your guide to choose correct model and solve your problems timely, cooperated with engineering team、technical department、production department、administration department、accountant department、document department, working time is 7x24hours.

Sale services: one to one sales would in charge of all matters about your purchase order and would monitor shipping all the way till you got material, including proving documents , communicate with forwarder etc. Cooperated with production department、technical department、engineer department technical department、packaging department、logistic department to deal with related communications ensure your order would be proceed without any mistakes.

After-sale services : after-sales team will deal with all complaint from customers such as packaging ,quality ,shipping ,etc. We will surely exchange goods or make up lost if finally verify mistakes caused by our side, a promise is a promise !

7. FAQ

1. Is your products customized?

Yes. Due to different working conditions, all Magnetic Lifter 500kg are customized, depending on specific requirements, so if you can provide more information, we can prepare accurate solutions for you.

2. What information should I provide in my inquiry?

The more information you provide, the more accurate solutions will be ready for you! Information such as lifting capacity, packing size or weight you provide will be very useful.

3. How many operations have I chosen?

The standard configuration we provide is 100-5000kg capacity, and we can also provide customized type.

4. My workshop space is limited. Can I use it?

Yes, we have special Magnetic Lifter 500kg. Our engineers will design the details for you.

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