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1.Shanghai yiying crane machinery company.a manual factory specialized in all kinds of crane product for more than 30 years,We are Alibaba's gold supplier, we have CE certification from TUV.
We have three factories and warehouses in China, which are located in Baoding, Hebei, Huai'an, Jiangsu, and Jiulongpo, Chongqing.Hoist Trolley is our star product there are more than 3000 orders in total every month

2. Hoist Trolley include hand-drawn trolleys, hand-push trolleys, and electric trolleys. Most of them are used in conjunction with electric hoists. The Hoist Trolley has anti-collision function. It can push the goods through the hand zipper, and can walk freely on the lower flange of the I-steel track. The distance between the wheel flanges can be adjusted according to the width of the I-steel track. Hang the manual hoist under the crane to form a manual lifting and transportation trolley. The trolley can be combined with the chain hoist to form a bridge, single beam or cantilever crane, which is widely used in factories, mines, docks, warehouses, construction sites, etc.
Hugong®'s new hand trolley has a black lacquer surface treatment for long-lasting brightness. The trolley is driven by hand-pushing heavy objects. It is widely used in factories, mines, docks and warehouses. In construction sites, monorail trolleys are used for installation of machinery and equipment, and occasions where goods are transported. Monorail trolleys are especially suitable for work in places without power supply.
Electric trolleys are driven by electricity, which is more labor-saving, convenient and fast, suitable for heavy-duty driving of bulk cargo

3. Hoist Trolley is our star product
We enjoy the high reputation for our good quality and good after sale service. And we also cooperate with lots of government projects .
Like China Petrochemical, China Petroleum, this rail construction has cooperated. Our products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Australia and other countries.
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Chain Hoist Trolley

Chain Hoist Trolley

Chain Hoist Trolley is refers to the crane girder is equipped with a motor and transmission part of the cart, cart running in top of the track, the car is installed in the bridge type double beam crane girder with a lifting mechanism and above part is the car that walks, girder above also install a track, the car is moving along the orbit.Electric hoist is generally used for single beam crane or small tonnage gantry crane, electric hoist is also the lifting mechanism, and the car function is basically the same, but the electric hoist is used for small tonnage, the car is used for large tonnage, the main power is the hoist.

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Electric Hoist Trolley

Electric Hoist Trolley

Electric Hoist Trolley use with electric chain hoist to improve work efficiency.The Electric Hoist Trolley application is extensive.It is widely used in major factories, warehouses, wind power generation, logistics, docks, buildings, hardware molds and other places for lifting or loading and unloading goods. The Electric Hoist Trolley can also be used to lift heavy objects to facilitate work or repair large machines.Low working noise, strong overload capacity, large braking torque.

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As a professional China Hoist Trolley manufacturers and suppliers, we provide customers with comprehensive project management services. Our products can be customized. Besides, our products also support wholesale. Reasonable price, On time delivery always is our tenet. You can rest assured to buy high quality Hoist Trolley from our factory. For more info, please contact us.