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Mini Electric Hoist Manufacturers

We are one of the biggest manufacturer of electric hoist in China.We have already done business with about 30 countries all over the world.Our main products include mini electric hoist,chain electric hoist,wire rope electric hoist and other electric hoist.

The mini electric hoist is simple in structure, easy to install, small and exquisite. It uses single-phase electricity as the power source and can be operated and used at home with 220V. It is suitable for lifting and unloading small pieces of goods in various occasions.About the capacity,we have PA200,PA250,PA300,PA400  PA500,PA600,PA800,PA1000,PA1200.And if you have other demands,we accept customization.This kind of electric hoist is widely used in modern industrial production lines, assembly lines, assembly machines, logistics transportation and other occasions such as machinery manufacturing, electronics, automobiles, shipbuilding, workplace assembly, and high-tech industrial zones. For work in warehouses, docks, ingredients, hanging baskets and working places with narrow space, it can better show the excellent quality of suspended miniature electric hoists.

It has many advantages:
1. Pure copper motor. The heat dissipation performance is good, and the machine is not easy to burn.
2. Stopper. Protect the switch from damage to prevent accidents.
3. Thickened anti-rotation wire rope. Strong endurance without breaking.
4. The hook has strong bearing capacity, is integrally formed, and is not easy to break.
5.220V household electricity, the power plug-in operation is simple.
6. Good heat dissipation performance. Aluminum shell heat dissipation and eight-leaf high-speed rotating fan dual heat dissipation.
7. PA400 and below are plastic limits, and PA400 and above are iron limits.
8. Protection level: IP44
9. Can be used with sports cars.
Compact design, installation is very convenient.
It should be noted that the machine works for 25 minutes and rests for 5-10 minutes.
The marked lifting capacity of the motor is the power lifting capacity, which should be used under 70% of the limit.
The chain hoist mechanism is more reasonable and small in size. The Japanese bearing design chain pulls more smoothly, avoids chain jams and other phenomena, and is close to market needs. It is a widely used and convenient manual hoisting machine that can be used in industrial, Machine installation, cargo lifting, vehicle loading and unloading in agricultural construction industry, mining industry, etc., especially suitable for open-air and non-powered operations. Permanent magnet lifter are suitable for lifting and handling steel plates at room temperature in shipbuilding, engineering machinery, automobile and other industries, and are widely used in factories, docks, warehouses, and transportation industries. China Electric Hoist with Remote Control called civilian electric hoist. Generally divided into fixed type and operating type, suitable for various occasions, can lift goods under 1000 kg, especially suitable for high-rise buildings to lift heavy objects from downstairs. The structure is simple, easy to install, small and exquisite, and single-phase electricity is used as the power source. China Electric Hoist with Remote Control has reached the international standard in terms of production and design, which guarantees the safety of use. Electric Hoist with Remote Control motor heat sink adopts the cast iron structure to increase the service life.
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As a professional China Mini Electric Hoist manufacturers and suppliers, we provide customers with comprehensive project management services. Our products can be customized. Besides, our products also support wholesale. Reasonable price, On time delivery always is our tenet. You can rest assured to buy high quality Mini Electric Hoist from our factory. For more info, please contact us.