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Electric Hoist Manufacturers

This is  Shanghai yiying crane machinery company. We are one of the biggest manufacturer specialized in hand pallet truck for more than 30 years. We can provide you with quality products and beautiful prices please feel quality ensured.

Now, let me introduce this product to you. 

Electric  hoist
About the motor: Our door adopts all-copper motor, which has the characteristics of fast heat dissipation.
About the shell: our door is made of all aluminum: fast heat dissipation
Chain: Our door adopts G80 chain which is not easy to break
Handle: We have an emergency stop device that is safe and reliable
Voltage: output low voltage 24v36v, no harm to human body, safe and reliable

Limit device: protect electric hoist

And we have CE from TUV.only few suppliers in China can get the CE from TUV.and we also are the gold suppler on  Alibaba.com please feel quality ensured.
The company specializes in producing a series of hoisting machinery products such as "Yiying" brand and "Hugong®" brand electric hoist, electric stacker, pallet jack, lift table, manual stacker, etc. Shanghai Yiying Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. has three large factories in China. They are located in Baoding City, Hebei Province, Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province and Chongqing City. The transportation is convenient near the port. There are thousands of technicians and workers. The factory is divided into multiple product workshops, such as pallet truck workshop, chain workshop, manual electric hoist workshop, etc. The factory has a scientific management system, high-quality talents, advanced technology and production equipment, and complete testing methods. Computer technology is widely used to develop advanced products. Wire rope electric hoist is a light and small lifting equipment. It can be installed on a variety of cranes such as single beam, bridge, gantry, and cantilever cranes. The lifting speed of the electric hoist is normal, which can meet the requirements of general occasions. It is a commonly used lifting equipment in factories, mines, ports, warehouses, and freight yards. China 2 Ton Electric Chain Hoist", also known as electric chain hoist, is a light and small lifting equipment. The 2 Ton Electric Chain Hoist is composed of a motor, a transmission mechanism and a sprocket. 2 Ton Electric Chain Hoist are all produced in accordance with international standards. The body has a beautiful appearance, strong and durable. The internal gears are all quenched at high temperature, which increases the wear resistance and toughness of the gears. It adopts the most advanced technology in the world, fine workmanship, and tight fit between the gears.
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As a professional China Electric Hoist manufacturers and suppliers, we provide customers with comprehensive project management services. Our products can be customized. Besides, our products also support wholesale. Reasonable price, On time delivery always is our tenet. You can rest assured to buy high quality Electric Hoist from our factory. For more info, please contact us.