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Super Low Profile Jack
  • Super Low Profile JackSuper Low Profile Jack
  • Super Low Profile JackSuper Low Profile Jack
  • Super Low Profile JackSuper Low Profile Jack
  • Super Low Profile JackSuper Low Profile Jack
  • Super Low Profile JackSuper Low Profile Jack

Super Low Profile Jack

Super Low Profile Jack is refers to the use of rigid top lift as a working device, through the top seat or the bottom of the small stroke of the claw to open the heavy light small lifting equipment. Super Low Profile Jack are mainly used in factories and mines, transportation and other departments as vehicle repair and other lifting, support and other work.Its structure is light and strong, flexible and reliable, one person can carry and operate.

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Product Description

1. Introduction of the Super Low Profile Jack

1, easy lifting of heavy goods

2, light but strong structure

3. Double pump enhance safety

2.Product Specification of the Super Low Profile Jack





Min./Max. Height

85/374 mm

85/465 mm

95*485 mm


12/13 kgs

19/21 kgs

25/27 kgs

Packing Size

620*280*180 mm

800*350*190 mm

810*390*200 mm


3.Super Low Profile Jack Feature And Application

Super Low Profile Jack is a safe and reliable lifting equipment, generally there will be no problems, but in use there are also the following precautions:

(1) the general working medium of jack is YB-N32 hydraulic oil. When the ambient temperature is lower than 10℃, yB-N22 hydraulic oil can be used. When the ambient temperature is higher than 40℃, YB-N46 hydraulic oil can be used.

(2) The liquid level of the oil tank should always be kept on the center line of the oil mark in case the oil pump is empty.When refueling, use 120 mesh oil filter net to filter impurities in the new oil.When frequently used, clean the oil filter every 2 months, clean the oil tank every 6 months, and replace the new oil at the same time.

(3) The normal working temperature of the jack oil pump is 10 ~ 50℃.Oil temperature is too high, need to take cooling measures or stop the pump;If the oil temperature is too low, heating measures or low pressure operation should be taken to improve the oil temperature.

(4) Before starting the motor, change the reversing valve to the middle and half position.Point to move several times, in case of high pressure pump suction empty, air exclusion can be used.

(5) The working pressure shall not be arbitrarily increased when the pump leaves the factory.

(6) High pressure hose factory, after rated pressure 1.25 times the pressure test.Due to the aging of the glue, users should pay attention to regular inspection when using it for a long time, and check once half a year.It must be replaced in case of leakage, bulge or explosion during inspection and pressure test.When using, should avoid to break and appear sharp bend, at the same time can not be too close to the hose, in order to prevent blasting swing injury.For fixed occasions, steel tube can be used instead.

(7) The pump should be repaired once a year.All parts are cleaned with kerosene, pay attention to protect the matching surface of the jack, no arbitrary bump, after assembly, the moving parts should move flexibly, no local blockage.


4.Product Details of the Super Low Profile Jack

Super Low Profile Jack is used as intermediate medium in hydraulic transmission system to transfer and convert energy. It also plays the role of lubrication, anti-corrosion, cooling and washing of various components in hydraulic system.

In principle, hydraulic transmission is based on the most basic principle is PASCAL's law, that is, fluid pressure is the same everywhere.Thus, in an equilibrium system, less pressure is applied on the smaller piston and more pressure is applied on the larger piston to keep the liquid stationary.So through the transfer of liquid, you can get different pressure on different ends, and you can achieve the purpose of a transformation.Hydraulic jacks commonly seen by people are the use of this principle to achieve the transmission of force.

Super Low Profile JackSuper Low Profile JackSuper Low Profile Jack

5. Product Qualification

Shanghai Yiying Crane Machinery Company is the hoist manufacturer Institute certified. This means we are one of the industry’s leading suppliers of hoist equipment. We are reliable and deliver exceptional value.

Shanghai Yiying Crane machinery Co., Ltd. supply 1000-20000kg Super Low Profile Jack. it is the most popular in Asia ,America and Canada ,It is beautiful ,strong and durable.we promise the Super Low Profile Jack warranty is 2 years. we really welcome the treaders around the world join in us .

6. Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Pre-sale Services : we have professional sales team as your guide to choose correct model and solve your problems timely, cooperated with engineering team、technical department、production department、administration department、accountant department、document department, working time is 7x24hours.


Sale services: one to one sales would in charge of all matters about your purchase order and would monitor shipping all the way till you got material, including proving documents , communicate with forwarder etc. Cooperated with production department、technical department、engineer department technical department、packaging department、logistic department to deal with related communications ensure your order would be proceed without any mistakes.


After-sale services : after-sales team will deal with all complaint from customers such as packaging ,quality ,shipping ,etc. We will surely exchange goods or make up lost if finally verify mistakes caused by our side, a promise is a promise !

7. FAQ

1. Is your products customized?

Yes. Due to different working conditions, all Super Low Profile Jack are customized, depending on specific requirements, so if you can provide more information, we can prepare accurate solutions for you.


2. What information should I provide in my inquiry?

The more information you provide, the more accurate solutions will be ready for you! Information such as lifting height, lifting capacity, pump supply or other special equipment you provide will be very useful.


3. How many operations have I chosen?

The standard configuration we provide is a manual type, and we can also provide a electric type.

4. My workshop space is limited. Can I use it?

Yes, we have special Super Low Profile Jack. Our engineers will design the details for you.

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