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How to adjust the electric hoist brake


The electric hoist brake is realized through the motor, remove the tail cover, screw off the four screws fixing the adjusting nut, use the wrench to turn the adjusting nut to the position in the clockwise direction, and then rotate one circle counterclockwise, and then install the fastening screw to adjust successfully.

Type: 1, the motor axis is perpendicular to the axis of the drum electric hoist using worm gear transmission device, the width of the size, bulky structure, low mechanical efficiency, processing more difficult has no manufacturers to produce this type of structure of the product.

2, the motor axis is parallel to the drum axis of the electric hoist, its advantage is that the height and length size is small. Its disadvantages are large width, grouping, complex manufacturing and assembly. Track turning radius is large.

3, the motor is installed in the drum inside the electric hoist, its advantages are small length size, compact structure. Its main disadvantages are poor heat dissipation conditions of the motor, poor grouping, inconvenient inspection, installation and maintenance of the motor, and complex power supply devices.

4, the motor is installed on the outside of the drum electric hoist, its advantages are good grouping, high degree of universality, easy to change the lifting height, convenient installation and maintenance. Its disadvantage is that the length size is large.

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