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Mechanical Jack for Car
  • Mechanical Jack for CarMechanical Jack for Car
  • Mechanical Jack for CarMechanical Jack for Car
  • Mechanical Jack for CarMechanical Jack for Car
  • Mechanical Jack for CarMechanical Jack for Car
  • Mechanical Jack for CarMechanical Jack for Car

Mechanical Jack for Car

Mechanical Jack for Car is one of the types of manual lifting tools. It has a compact structure. It makes reasonable use of the swing of the rocker to rotate the pinion. A pair of conical gears rotate together to drive the screw to rotate and push the lifting sleeve to lift the weight. decline.Mechanical Jack for Car can be used for railway vehicle maintenance, mine and construction engineering support, and general lifting and lowering of heavy objects.

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Product Description

1、Introduction of the Mechanical Jack for Car

Mechanical Jack for Car, also known as screw jacks, are driven by manpower through a screw pair, and screw or nut sleeves are used as lifting parts. The ordinary Mechanical Jack for Car supports heavy objects by the self-locking function of the thread, and has a simple structure, but the transmission efficiency is low and the return stroke is slow. The thread of the self-falling Mechanical Jack for Car has no self-locking effect and is equipped with a brake. When the brake is released, the heavy object can descend quickly by itself, shortening the return time, but the structure of this jack is more complicated. Mechanical Jack for Car can support heavy objects for a long time, and the maximum lifting capacity has reached 100 tons, which is widely used. After the horizontal screw is installed on the lower part, the heavy objects can be moved laterally in a small distance.

2、Product specification of the Mechanical Jack for Car


Lifting weight

Lifting height

Lowest height














































3、feature and application Mechanical Jack for Car

Before using the Mechanical Jack for Car, you must check whether the jack is normal, whether the components are flexible, add lubricating oil, and correctly estimate the weight of the heavy object. Choose a Mechanical Jack for Car with an appropriate tonnage and avoid overloading. The Mechanical Jack for Car should always keep the surface of the machine body clean, and regularly check whether the internal structure is intact, so that the pinion in the rocker is flexible and reliable and the lifting sleeve can be raised and lowered freely. In order to consider the safety of using Mechanical Jack for Car, avoid overloading and working with illnesses, and it is not suitable to use multiple jacks to avoid danger.

4、Product details of the Mechanical Jack for Car

The whole Mechanical Jack for Car adopts the integral iron casting process, which makes the safety factor of the whole jack higher and less prone to accidents.

Mechanical Jack for Car

The top cover of the Mechanical Jack for Car is a cast steel top cover, which is hardened and durable.

Mechanical Jack for Car

The lifting sleeve of the Mechanical Jack for Car is made of 45# stainless steel, which is not easy to rust and has strong supporting force.

Mechanical Jack for Car

The handle of the Mechanical Jack for Car conforms to the ergonomic design, and the humanized design is more convenient to carry.

Mechanical Jack for Car

Safety limits are set inside the Mechanical Jack for Car, and small details can effectively reduce accidents.

The gears of the Mechanical Jack for Car are made of pure copper and have strong wear resistance. It can greatly extend the service life and enhance safety.

5、Product qualification

Our Mechanical Jack for Car integrity management, to ensure that all products are described truthfully and made of real materials. Our Mechanical Jack for Car are directly supplied by the factory, manufactured by the original factory, and the quality is guaranteed. We support lifetime maintenance, so you have no worries after sales.

6、Delivery shipping and serving

Genuine security

Lifetime technical support, 1 year warranty, 15 days no reason for replacement (three-year warranty for the host, no warranty for vulnerable parts such as chain hooks; no warranty service for quality problems after the shell is received; 15 days for unused products Days have no reason to return the goods, non-quality problems buyers bear the freight)

About delivery

Due to the weight of the product, it can only be sent to logistics, and sea and land transportation are acceptable. In order to ensure the integrity of the goods, please pay attention to check whether the packaging is intact and whether there are any traces of being removed when signing for the receipt.

About the service

We have a professional pre-sales and after-sales team to answer your questions online 24 hours a day, so that jet lag is no longer a problem.


1. Is your products customized?

Yes. Due to different working conditions, all electric hoist 1 Ton are customized, depending on specific requirements, so if you can provide more information, we can prepare accurate solutions for you.

2. What information should I provide in my inquiry?

The more information you provide, the more accurate solutions will be ready for you! Information such as lifting height, lifting capacity, span, power supply or other special equipment you provide will be very useful.

3. How many operations have I chosen?

The standard configuration we provide is a suspension controller with buttons, and we can also provide a remote control or cab with buttons.

4. My workshop space is limited. Can I use it?

For low headroom workshop, we have special electric hoist 1 Ton. Our engineers will design the details for you.

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