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Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton
  • Hydraulic Jack 3 TonHydraulic Jack 3 Ton
  • Hydraulic Jack 3 TonHydraulic Jack 3 Ton
  • Hydraulic Jack 3 TonHydraulic Jack 3 Ton
  • Hydraulic Jack 3 TonHydraulic Jack 3 Ton
  • Hydraulic Jack 3 TonHydraulic Jack 3 Ton

Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton

Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton is in the car's toolbox and is used to lift the body while the spare tire is changed.Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton have pneumatic jacks, electric jacks, hydraulic jacks and mechanical jacks, generally commonly used is hydraulic and mechanical jacks.Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton is used to replace the spare tire. It is convenient to replace the tire when driving out.

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Product Description

1 Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton 

Some people for Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton may not be very understand, but some people may think that jack is mainly used in construction, little application in other aspects, it's not like that, Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton is not only widely used in construction field, in the maintenance, handling, are out of the great force, so jack can also be used in what respect, please readers to look down.

First, when the car needs to change tires or maintenance of the use

In fact, every car is equipped with a jack, in the trunk, pull out the trunk of the cover pad, you can see the jack, the car equipped with the jack is mainly rack type, easy to tighten the arm lift, complete the lifting work, help the car maintenance and tire change and other work.When lifting the car, we should pay attention to the top to the parts, not to the top too fragile parts, the height of the car when lifting the car jack can not be too high, otherwise it is easy to cause deformation and damage to the car chassis, the beauty and performance of the car will have a certain impact.

Second, the role of heavy lifting

 Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton when handling heavy objects has played a very big role, or the weight of the human cannot reach to save manpower, jack went to the battle, jack has a lot of kinds, such as different types, such as hydraulic jack, thin jack also applied in different fields, in the narrow place, you can use thin jack, because it is more flexible,Can work in a smaller place, in the lifting of heavy work efficiency is relatively high, is widely used.

Third, the role of the jack in stretching the reinforcement beam

There is a jack called the core jack, this jack is composed of tension cylinder, the top pressure piston, spring and the top pressure cylinder, the main role is to pull the steel bar and drive the steel bar into the fixed steel wire, this jack for the alignment and fixation of steel bar has played a good role.


2. Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton Specification 


Car Jack


Hydraulic Jack



Place of Origin


Brand Name




Product name

garage jack



min height


Lifting height


max Height











3. Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton 

Highway, bridge, metallurgy, mining, slope tunnel, well control and protection of basic engineering machinery and equipment construction.

Hydraulic Jack 3 TonHydraulic Jack 3 TonHydraulic Jack 3 TonHydraulic Jack 3 Ton

4. Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton 

(1). Ideal for car & truck repair and tire change and garage use. 

(2). Meet or exceed ANSI/CE requirements. 

(3). Bypass device protects against over-pumping for safer operation. 

(4). Built-in safety valve provides overload protection. 

(5). Heavy-duty steel construction provides long term durability. 

(6). Large steel caster and swivel casters for easy maneuverability. 

(7). Light weight for easy mobility and transport. 

(8). All welded steel frame construction with cast iron support arms with rust resistant finish for long tool life.

5. Product Qualification

Shanghai Yiying Crane Machinery Company is the hoist manufacturer Institute certified. This means we are one of the industry’s leading suppliers of hoist equipment. We are reliable and deliver exceptional value.

Shanghai Yiying Crane machinery Company supply 380V 440V 415V electric hoist 2ton.it is the most popular in Asia ,America and Canada ,It is beautiful ,strong and durable.we promise the electric hoist 2ton warranty is 2 years.and the hand cable is warterproofed,and we really welcome the treaders around the world join in us .

6. Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

Carton Packing



Picture Example:


Lead Time:


1 - 50

51 - 200

201 - 600


Est. Time(days)




To be negotiated


7. FAQ

1. Is your products customized?

Yes. Due to different working conditions, all Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton are customized, depending on specific requirements, so if you can provide more information, we can prepare accurate solutions for you.

2. What information should I provide in my inquiry? 

The more information you provide, the more accurate solutions will be ready for you! Information such as lifting height, lifting capacity, span, power supply or other special equipment you provide will be very useful.

3. How many operations have I chosen? 

The standard configuration we provide is a suspension controller with buttons, and we can also provide a remote control or cab with buttons.

4. My workshop space is limited. Can I use it? 

For low headroom workshop, we have special Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton Our engineers will design the details for you.


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