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Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton
  • Hydraulic Jack 3 TonHydraulic Jack 3 Ton
  • Hydraulic Jack 3 TonHydraulic Jack 3 Ton
  • Hydraulic Jack 3 TonHydraulic Jack 3 Ton
  • Hydraulic Jack 3 TonHydraulic Jack 3 Ton
  • Hydraulic Jack 3 TonHydraulic Jack 3 Ton

Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton

The Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton is available in various types, including pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, and mechanical versions, with hydraulic and mechanical jacks being the most commonly utilized. This jack serves the purpose of replacing a vehicle's spare tire, providing convenience for tire replacements while on the road.

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Product Description

The Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton might not be fully understood by everyone. While some believe it's primarily used in construction, its versatility extends beyond that perception. This type of jack finds widespread applications not just in construction but also in maintenance tasks and heavy lifting scenarios, providing significant force for various purposes.

Firstly, it's commonly employed in vehicle maintenance like tire changes. Every car typically includes a jack in the trunk for this purpose. These jacks are primarily rack types, allowing easy arm tightening to lift the vehicle. However, when lifting a car, caution is vital to avoid damaging fragile parts or causing deformation to the car chassis.

Secondly, Hydraulic Jacks, including 3 Ton versions, play a crucial role in heavy lifting where human strength alone might not suffice. Various types, such as hydraulic or thin jacks, cater to different needs. Thin jacks, especially, offer flexibility in confined spaces and are highly efficient in lifting heavy loads.

Lastly, there's a specific type called the core jack, designed for stretching reinforcement beams. Comprising components like the tension cylinder, top pressure piston, spring, and top pressure cylinder, this jack aids in aligning and fixing steel bars, proving effective in reinforcement beam applications.




Car Jack


Hydraulic Jack



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garage jack



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Highway, bridge, metallurgy, mining, slope tunnel, well control and protection of basic engineering machinery and equipment construction.

Hydraulic Jack 3 TonHydraulic Jack 3 TonHydraulic Jack 3 TonHydraulic Jack 3 Ton

(1). Ideal for car & truck repair and tire change and garage use. 

(2). Meet or exceed ANSI/CE requirements. 

(3). Bypass device protects against over-pumping for safer operation. 

(4). Built-in safety valve provides overload protection. 

(5). Heavy-duty steel construction provides long term durability. 

(6). Large steel caster and swivel casters for easy maneuverability. 

(7). Light weight for easy mobility and transport. 

(8). All welded steel frame construction with cast iron support arms with rust resistant finish for long tool life.


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