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Hand Stacker Electric
  • Hand Stacker ElectricHand Stacker Electric
  • Hand Stacker ElectricHand Stacker Electric
  • Hand Stacker ElectricHand Stacker Electric
  • Hand Stacker ElectricHand Stacker Electric
  • Hand Stacker ElectricHand Stacker Electric

Hand Stacker Electric

Hand Stacker Electrichas simple structure, flexible control, good fretability, high explosion-proof safety performance, and is suitable for the operation in narrow channels and limited space.Electric manual stackers combine the advantages of a manual stacker and an electric lift, balancing efficiency, ease of use and reduced operator physical stress. However, as with any power equipment, proper training, maintenance and compliance with safety guidelines are critical to safe and efficient operation.

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Product Description

The Hand Stacker Electric comprises essential components that facilitate its operation:Driving Mechanism: The semi-electric stacker is propelled by a combination of manpower and an electric drive system. It utilizes durable nylon or polyurethane wheels designed for wear-resistance, pressure tolerance, and quiet operation. This allows for manual control, ensuring flexible, light, and easy operation.Steering Control: Its steering control handle affects the steering wheels via a steering mechanism, providing a light and responsive steering experience. This design enables effortless maneuverability by allowing direct adjustment of the steering control handle to achieve the desired angle.Braking System: The semi-electric stacker employs a foot brake mechanism that directly acts on the universal wheel, enabling immediate braking when engaged.Hydraulic Circuit System: Adjusting the hydraulic pull rod allows the pump station to control the movement of the inner and outer door frames and the slide frame driven by the oil cylinder. This movement enables the lifting or lowering of the fork. Additionally, a pressure limiting valve within the hydraulic pump safeguards the vehicle and hydraulic system against overload situations.Electric Power Source: Powered by a battery, the electric stacker's remaining electric charge indicates the capacity or voltage of the battery, providing a visual representation of the battery's available power.The Hand Stacker Electric efficiently combines manual and electric components to ensure smooth and controlled movement while handling loads. Its design emphasizes ease of operation, safety features, and reliable power sources for efficient material handling tasks in various industrial settings.


Load (kg)


Lifting height (mm)


Frame static height (mm)


Maximum height of gantry operation (mm)


Total length(mm)


Total body width (mm)


Fork width (mm)


Fork size (mm)




Nylon wheel

Battery (V/AH)



Feature And Application

The Hand Stacker Electric is a storage solution powered by batteries and driven by an electric motor. It's primarily utilized in warehouses, workshops, and similar settings requiring efficient logistics handling. When paired with pallets, the Hand Stacker Electric significantly enhances storage efficiency.

This equipment operates by utilizing battery power and an electric motor, making it suitable for various logistical tasks in environments that demand smooth and effective handling. Specifically designed for use alongside pallets, it optimizes storage processes, ensuring a more streamlined and productive workflow within these spaces.

Thicker “C”gantry steel,thicker steel to extend the life of the gantry

Hand Stacker Electric

1244-piece lifting plate chain,load capacity is increased,refusing to deformation after a long period of time by tension,increasing the life of the vehicle.

Hand Stacker Electric

Durable leak-proof cylinder,imported seals,long cylinder warranty.

Hand Stacker Electric

Adjustable forks,adjustable forks can adjust the width of the size,adapt to a variety of sizes of pallets.

Hand Stacker Electric

Foot -operated braking device,easy and fast foot brake operation

Hand Stacker Electric

Brand maintenance-free batteries strong power,long continuous use time,no maintenance,cost savings.

Hand Stacker Electric

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